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Global 6G Conference 2024

The upcoming Global 6G Conference 2024 will retain the high-end nature, expertise, authoritative guidance, and leading roles of its three previous sessions. It will invite top industry experts from around the world to concentrate on eight cutting-edge directions through conference reports, reports by specially invited guests, and roundtable discussions. These events will facilitate in-depth exchanges of 6G research and development achievements and collectively support frontier innovation and international cooperation within the 6G domain. Moreover, interactive formats such as on-site Q&A and talks will allow participants from industry, universities, and research institutions to share their understanding and experience in 6G research and cooperation. Thus, corresponding entities can share insights and build consensus for the establishment of globally unified 6G standards and ecosystems.

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    Nanjing Shangqinhuai International Cultural Exchange Center,China

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    世博中心 金厅A+B