Solicitation of Speeches by “6G Star” Young Scholars at Global 6G Conference 2024

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As 5G technology evolved into 5G-Advanced technology, the International Telecommunication Union released the Framework and Overall Objectives of the Future Development of IMT for 2030 and Beyond to outline the usage scenarios and corresponding capabilities for 6G. This document marks that global 6G R&D and collaboration have entered a new phase. The Global 6G Conference 2024 to be held in mid-to-late April aims to gather global intelligence and strength to collectively explore and drive 6G technology’s development from this new starting point of technological advancement. Guided by the vision of “Intelligent Connection of Everything and Digital Twin”, the conference will become an important platform for 6G technology innovation, international cooperation, and standard setting.

Since its inception, the Global 6G Conference has established significant international influence, becoming one of the most important platforms in global communication technology. The previous three sessions served as a platform for facilitating global scientific and technological cooperation and collaborative innovation. Esteemed experts from domestic and international backgrounds, members from academia and various industries, and key members from relevant 6G sectors in China participated in profound exchanges on 6G visions and key technologies. Through these exchanges, the innovative ideas and latest achievements in 6G technology R&D have been well demonstrated, providing important guidance for global 6G technology R&D direction.

Solicitation of Speeches by “6G Stars”

Given the success and great influence of the previous three sessions, we are launching the solicitation of speeches by “6G Star” young scholars, intending to further discover and nurture young talents with innovative thinking and research potential. By offering an international platform for young scholars to exchange new ideas and showcase new achievements, we hope that they will inject more vitality and innovation into 6G technology’s future development.

Available Speech Topics

We sincerely welcome young scholars(less than 40 years old) to share their innovative ideas in 6G technology at the Global 6G Conference 2024.

We especially welcome speeches on the following topics:

Integration of Communications and AI

Wireless Integrated Sensing and Communication

Space-Air-Ground Integrated Communication

Network Architecture and Key Technology

Trust and Security

High-Frequency Wireless Transmission and Devices

Potential for Future Business and Applications

New Energy and New Materials

If you have unique insights into the aforementioned topics and want to show your research achievements on an international platform, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Please prepare the following materials for submission:

Personal profile: Share your background and passion for 6G technology.

Speech topic: Introduce your innovative ideas and research achievements.

Innovation point: Explain why your technology or ideas are unique and novel.

Publication: Provide relevant papers and studies that you have published on the topic.

Unique Opportunity

Once selected, “6G Future Star” young scholars will have a chance to discuss the future of 6G technology with top global experts and scholars. This is not just a platform for showcasing oneself but also an excellent opportunity for gaining inspiration, learning, and personal growth.


Please submit your speech proposals to  by March 22, 2024.

Global 6G Conference 2024 is not only a gathering but also a new start. Here, your voice can be heard globally. Join us to explore the future boundaries of 6G technology and shape the digital world of tomorrow!

Don’t hesitate and become the force that changes the world! Act now and showcase your “6G Star” spirit!