Initiative for Collaborative Advancement of Global 6G Consensus and Cooperation

Date:2024-04-23 Source:

At the Global 6G Conference 2023, the FuTURE FORUM issued the Global Initiative for 6G International Cooperation and Collaborative Development. In the same year, the FuTURE FORUM formally launched the 6G International Cooperation Program supporting collaborative research among scientists, leading companies, research institutes, and universities of China and of other countries. This program has garnered attention and great interest from nearly one hundred organizations in around 30 countries and regions across the globe.

The world has been picking up the pace in 6G research and development. A 6G vision that galvanized global consensus was published by ITU in June 2023, while 3GPP has just reached consensus last month accordingly and announced its timelines of the 6G standardization as well. However, further exploration of 6G requirements and technology roadmaps remain critical. It is essential to pool global wisdom together to reach a consensus early for effective advancements in cutting-edge mobile communication technologies and ensuring the sustainable growth of the industry.

The FuTURE FORUM leverages extensive collaboration among academic and industry platforms to support 6G research and standardization studies. We now propose the Initiative for Collaborative Advancement of Global 6G Consensus and Cooperation for all stakeholders worldwide. The specifics of the initiative are outlined as follows:

1. Clear Positioning of 6G: Riding on the robust wave of AI foundational technologies breakthroughs, we should define an inclusive vision of intelligence, establish an intrinsic intelligence service framework, transcend the realm of mobile communication applications, and develop comprehensive multi-dimensional information services beyond traditional connectivity.

2. Further Exploration of New Scenarios: To achieve fully integrated human-machine-nature communications, we should delve into new models of interaction between the physical and digital worlds, with a focus on typical 6G application scenarios and requirements.

3. Industry-wide Definition of 6G: We should create a new ecosystem of openness and cooperation from the technical design perspective and incorporate the features of communications, sensing, computing, and intelligence to meet global sustainability needs, striving to make 6G a vital component of future infrastructures.

4. Establishment of a Platform and Organization Collaboration Mechanism: Guided by the ITU 6G vision and centered around the 3GPP standards organization, we propose to coordinate the demand import of platforms and organizations in various regions, jointly promoting a win-win cooperation for the future 6G industry and service applications.