Upcoming Global 6G Conference 2024 to Gather Global Pioneers in Nanjing

Date:2024-03-19 Source:


From April 16 to 18, 2024, the Global 6G Conference 2024 will be held at Shangqinhuai International Cultural Exchange Center in Nanjing. This grand event is guided by the National 6G Technology R&D Promotion Working Group and sponsored by FuTURE Mobile Communication Forum and Purple Mountain Laboratories. Under the theme of “Better Together, Better Future”, the conference will bring together global thought leaders and technology pioneers in the 6G field to Nanjing to discuss the blueprint of 6G technology and business around the consensus on 6G vision. It aims to bolster and underpin a global consensus before the launch of 6G standards. The participation registration has already been opened to the public on its official website, With the release of the Framework and Overall Objectives of the Future Development of IMT for 2030 and Beyond by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the R&D around 6G has entered a new chapter. In this critical period, international organizations, colleges and universities, major operators, and core enterprises are accelerating their strategies in 6G technology research and cooperation to jointly promote communication technology toward a future of “Intelligent Connection of Everything and Digital Twin”. This conference will bring together well-known international institutions, including 6G Flagship from Finland, the Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF) from Japan, Future Communications Programme from Singapore, China Communications Standards Association, China Institute of Communications, etc., to build a diversified communication platform. The conference will attract domestic and foreign scientists, engineers, and industry leaders to share their insights and expectations on the future of 6G, including Wu Hequan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Liu Yunjie, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; You Xiaohu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Shen Xiangyang, Council Chairman of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Reinaldo Valenzuela, Academician of National Academy of Engineering; Nambi Seshadri, Foreign Academician of the National Academy of Engineering in India; Khaled Ben Letaief, former President of the IEEE Communications Society; Rahim Tafazolli, Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering; Tony Quek, Academician of the Singapore Academy of Engineering; Wu Jiangxing, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Yin Hao, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Mao Junfa, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Cui Tiejun, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Zhang Ping, Academician of the Chinese Academy; Wang Xiaoyun, Chief Scientist of China Mobile; Puneet JAIN, Chair of 3GPP SA; Susumu Yoshid, former Chairman of 5GMF; Mikko Uusitalo, leader of the European 6G Flagship projects Hexa-X and Hexa-X-II; Yi Zhiling, Chief Scientist of China Mobile Research Institute; Bi Qi, Chief Expert of China Telecom; Ma Hongbing, General Manager of China Unicom's Science & Technology Innovation Department. Comprising a main conference report and several parallel forums, the conference will present rich and diverse content. The main conference report and the "6G Around the Globe" forum primarily focus on 6G vision analysis, 6G development routes in various countries and regions, 6G spectrum planning, new 6G services and applications, key technologies and innovation trends, standardization processes, etc. The parallel forums mainly cover eight major areas, namely the integration of communication and AI, radio ISAC, space-air-ground integration, network architecture and key technologies, reliability and security, high-frequency wireless transmission and devices, expectations for future business and applications, and new technologies and materials. During the conference, Achievements Released and 6G Cutting-edge Achievements Exhibition will be set to enable participants to experience the latest achievements in technological innovation and have face-to-face exchanges with researchers. This session will specially launch the solicitation of speeches by “6G Star” young scholars, and Tech Talk Innovation Salon will be held to openly solicit organizers from the industry to provide an international stage for young talent with innovation potential to display new ideas and achievements while encouraging more researchers to join in.

Global 6G Conference is an international event with the most extensive coverage and comprehensive content in the 6G field. So far, it has been held for three sessions. Global 6G Conference is not only a grand event of science and technology, but also a bridge for scientific and technological innovation and international cooperation. On the 2023 Global 6G Conference, the Global Initiative for 6G International Cooperation and Collaborative Development was issued. The initiative advocates for creating a platform for joint research, construction, and sharing to pool global wisdom, promoting the implementation of mechanisms featuring complementary advantages, collaborative innovation, resource sharing, and mutual benefit and win-win results, exploring new paradigms for global open cooperation, raising financial support through multiple channels and ways, and setting up international 6G cooperation projects.


In August 2023, the Guidelines for the Application of 6G International Cooperation Projects was released through the FuTURE Mobile Communication Forum, attracting the attention of nearly 100 relevant institutions in nearly 30 countries and regions around the world. The 2024 Global 6G Conference will continue to promote in-depth exchanges among global science and technology communities on 6G vision and key technologies and facilitate the joint effort to build a smarter and more interconnected world.