6G Development: 6G conference in Nanjing calls for consensus and cooperation

Date:2024-04-23 Source:

An initiative calling for joint efforts in reaching consensus for worldwide 6G cooperation was launched at the Global 6G conference in east China's Nanjing on Wednesday.


The initiative calls upon the industry as a whole to define 6G and explore new scenarios for 6G application. The conference held in Nanjing is the 4th edition of its kind. It brought together experts and industry leaders from around the world, aiming to boost cooperation towards a 6G future. The 6G technology is expected to be commercialized by 2030 in China and experts are calling for a set of unified global 6G standards. 

JOHAN SODER, Head of Radio Networks, Ericsson Research "The international collaboration in this area is of key importance. On the Ericsson side, we're actively engaged in researching and exploring the opportunities that 6G technology will offer. We, for sure, think this is a very important collaboration – to ensure 6G is developed in a way so that it can support the entire world in the 2030s."

CHIH-LIN I, Chairman, 5G/6G SIG Working Group of FuTURE Forum "It's really, truly, a global effort that is required. But we cannot avoid facing the fact that, unfortunately in recent years, there have been some geopolitical challenges. This is really not a very healthy development for our global ecosystem. So, we are trying very hard to overcome that."