Wuhan develops China's first 5G autopilot demonstration zone

Date:2023-02-10 Source:China Daily

Significant progress has been made in the autonomous driving industry in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, with the full development of the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Wuhan) Test and Demonstration Zone.

The National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Wuhan) Test and Demonstration Zone, located in Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone (WHDZ), has become China's largest open road autonomous driving demonstration zone, with the most features and full 5G coverage.

At present, the demonstration zone has established a cooperative vehicle infrastructure system (CVIS) for smart transportation, which fully supports autonomous driving applications such as buses, online car-hailing, terminal unmanned logistics vehicles, and shuttle buses at scenic spots.

The demonstration zone, as an important application area for autonomous driving CVIS, started construction in 2019. Currently, the total distance of open test road for autonomous driving with CVIS and 5G coverage in Wuhan stands at 125 kilometers.